Monday, September 23, 2013

Family values in Minnesota

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Minneapolis and St Paul, John Nienstedt, is one of the fiercest opponents of gay rights. He led a vigorous campaign for the Minnesota Prop8-style amendment in 2012, which did not pass (in large part because of pro-equality Catholics).  He notoriously has suggested that mothers abandon their gay children for the sake of their souls, and that people who disagree ought not to take communion.  The Archdiocese attempted to indoctrinate high school students, by insulting kids with gay parents and kids who are adopted (way not to win the next generation...)  and recently stated that marriage for gays was like various forms of sexual misbehavior, and a plot of Satan.

Nienstedt is very, very, very strong on "protecting marriage" .

Protecting children, not so much.  From MPR, a sadly familiar tale of how the Archdiocese ignored evidence and covered up for a troubled priest who eventually came to abuse children,and who finally (and rightly) ended up in prison.  This went on through three archbishops.  And then there was the spinning...leading to the Archdiocese chancellor resigning.

Abp Nienstedt apparently is less concerned with protecting children than with demonizing gay families.

There's something not-quite-right about that, don't you think?


JCF said...

Somewhat OT: I caught Mass on EWTN today. In the homily, NOW the S~P~I~N of Pope Francis's interview has commenced in earnest. "He just meant don't push the hard truths on newcomers, At First!"

Francis has GOT to lay the hammer down on some these (ahem) self-appointed "Hammer-of-Orthodoxy" types (the kind that FIRE school teachers for mentioning their partners in the parent's obituary, for example---or every priest on EWTN), or we'll know he's not serious. You can't be neutral on a moving train (H Zinn).

JCF said...

On-topic: ARGH, everybody's talking w/ everybody else about this mofo pedo, and NOBODY'S CALLING THE COPS!!!! >}-0

Counterlight said...

Maybe His Grace needs to appear before a grand jury to answer questions about aiding and abetting, failing to report, and obstructing justice.
Most of us underling assistant professors would be fired and in jail for less than what these Princes of the Church have done.
Another test for the new Pope; seeing some of these mitered heads face the music, and even jail, for all their crimes of omission in the international pedophilia scandal.