Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catholics for Marriage Equality

In Minnesota, they will be voting this year on a Prop-H8 style constitutional amendment outlawing marriage for same sex couples.  Predictably, the Roman Catholic Church (particularly Abp John Nienstedt) are vehmently opposed to LGBT rights and are vocal advocates of this amendment.  In fact, the Archbishop has been quoted as telling mothers of gay children that they should reject their own children to save their souls.  (See more in my previous posts.)

But unlike the case in CA, there is a strong pushback from the RC laity, who have formed a terrific group called Catholics for Marriage Equality which they base in the strong history of Roman Catholic social justice.  They came together to release this video of a song supporting God's inclusive love. Of course, they had to record it in a Lutheran church, but I suspect Archbishop Nienstedt is none too pleased. HA.

Way to go, MN Catholics!


susan s. said...
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susan s. said...

Lovely, to say the least, and way to go!

dr.primrose said...

Frank Bruni's N.Y. Times column on Kansas Democratic Senate candidate Bob Kerry voluntarily bringing up his support for same-sex marriage in his campaign - Principle Over Politics.

"It makes no strategic sense for Bob Kerrey to bring up his support for gay marriage on the campaign trail in Nebraska, where he’s the Democratic nominee for an open Senate seat. Republicans far outnumber Democrats here; the state's voters are socially conservative; his opponents are already smearing him as some effete import from the bohemian wilds of Lower Manhattan; and he trails the Republican nominee in the polls.

"He brings up gay marriage anyway. Not every day, but on many of them. Not in response to voters’ questions, but at the prodding of his own conscience.

"I got the feeling that his advisers would like him to stop — and that he knows he’d probably be wise to.


"'What I usually say is, "Let me talk to you about the issue of homosexuality,"' Kerrey said over a drink here Saturday night. And then he indeed talks to voters about it, telling them that people are born the way they are and deserve a full complement of civil rights, including the right to marry. It’s that simple."

JCF said...

Till I read that, dr.p, I'd forgotten that Kerrey was one of the (TOO DAMN FEW) Senators who voted against DOMA. A long-time ally, w/ the courage that goes along w/ being a Medal of Honor recipient. Yay, Bob! Go! C'mon, Nebraska: do the right thing, and (re-)elect him!!!