Friday, October 12, 2012

An anniversary

Four years ago, we stood before friends and family and pledged our lives to one another at our wedding, during that summer of love,  the brief window of legality before Prop 8 passed and put fear, ignorance, and bigotry into our Constitution.

It was a marvelous wedding!  So of course there was much joy, music and laughter, good food and dancing.  We're still dancing, both literally and figuratively.  And every day I wake up blessed.

Our legal union enriches us, of course, and adds strength to our community, despite what the opponents say.  By our very being, we disprove their arguments.   Perhaps this time next year, marriage will again be legal in California, and our friends J. and C., and R. and A. will at last be able to marry.  Perhaps this time next year, DOMA will fall and our own marriage will be recognized federally, finally being fully "official".

But what matters above all to both of us, are the vows we live joyfully together.  Happy anniversary, beloved.

And meanwhile, let's keep dancing!


June Butler said...

Congratulations, you two love birds. May you have many more blessed and happy years together.

JCF said...

[You and BP are "of a certain age", IT, and should remember this]

Fred, Barney and the gang have something to sing

And many more! :-)

Padre Mickey said...

¡Feliz aniversario! May blessings continue for many many years!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more and may your wishes soon be reality.