Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tragic train accident in NV

As some of you know, I'm an Amtrak commuter. BP and I have also traveled Amtrak long distance. (Long distance Amtrak travel is a unique experience, something from another age.) I like trains and I like the Amtrak people.

So I was grieved to hear about the awful accident in NV on Friday where a tractor trailer drove through the crossing gates directly into the side of the California Zephyr enroute from Chicago to Emeryville. Why is still unclear; the train did not hit the truck, the truck hit the train. It's in the middle of flats, a long straight rail line and daylight, so it's not like the truck driver couldn't see it--a long distance train is a helluva big machine.

This collision caused a massive fire, completely wrecking at least two cars. So far it is estimated at least 4 are dead but they are still searching the wreckage. I was talking to friends and realized that few people have heard this, so I thought I would let you know. Please keep the victims and the survivors in your thoughts. (photo from AP).


JCF said...

I rode the Zephyr the other way 21 years ago (when I moved to NYC to go to seminary). It's a beautiful ride.

This is such a tragedy. May the departed rest in peace. May needed safety lessons be learned.

Brother David said...

I too love to ride Amtrak, and have taken the Sunset Limited a number of times from San Antonio to Los Angeles and back, as well as the Pioneer Builder, the Texas Eagle and the Coast Starlight. Some of those memories were with Robert, of blessed memory.

I think the toll is 6 deaths, including the rig's driver and the train's conductor, and over 20 injured. Since the driver slammed on brakes in less than stopping distance, I bet his attention was distracted by something else in his rig and he looked up too late to stop. Which will be difficult to prove.

I was saddened by news of the accident. May they RIP and their families be comforted.

Tucson Car Accident said...

Train accidents normally scares me because I know accidents from this vehicle could really be fatal. I feel sorry for the families of the victims. My heart goes out to them.