Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Task force on liturgy--your comments sought

So, ENS tells us:
The Episcopal Church Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music June 28 announced the names of task force leaders charged with leading the development of theological resources and liturgies for same-sex blessings, according to a news release.....SCLM has established three task groups: a liturgical resources group; a pastoral/teaching resources group; and a theological resources group, according to the release.
Our own Susan Russell is a member.

The SCLM has set up a blog, with an essay called "The Nature of Blessing". You are asked to read and comment on it!

Or feel free to comment here. What should a liturgy look like? Do you really need to build something new?

H/T The Lead and comments therein.....


Ann said...

I would like something new for all couples
the current BCP needs work

IT said...

That's reasonable. I liked the reflection on marriage that the "pro" side of the Bishop's theology committee did. If the church views this as an opportunity to revisit this for all, I think it's all good.

The whole issue of blessing, separate from weddings per se, is interesting. For someone like BP, I totally get it. And I hope it comes to pass because I think it would mean a lot to her.

JCF said...

I am in favor of BCP revision ASAP, on principle (if it's not revised every generation, I think it too quickly becomes an idol).

That said, I don't believe that the Marriage Liturgy needs a lot of work (beyond expanding the gendered language to include same-sex couples, obviously!). OCICBW.