Friday, July 10, 2009

Theology and Scripture behind Same Sex unions

As the Institutional Church assigns the double-secret theology committee to once again investigate the theological foundations behind recognition of same-sex couples, it's worth pointing out some other resources for those interested in the topic. (Inotherwords, it's not like people haven't thought of this before....!)

As GC argues over B012 and D043, you may find these useful resources. Especially the next time someone of conservative bent whines that "you have to do the theology"!


Jane Ellen+ said...

It's great to see all this-- especially Tobias Haller's book, which I have physically put in the hands of more than one bishop.

Hindsight, I know... but I can't help but wonder if the last few years might not have been such a painfully divisive time if this sort of thoughtful work had been done and disseminated sooner.

David said...

I'm with Jane Ellen+. Br. Tobias' book is a fantastic piece of work. Very well-reasoned and readable!

Jim Pratt said...

One additional resource:

The Galilee Report, by the Primate's Theological Commission (ACCanada)

(includes papers from a variety of perspectives)