Friday, December 12, 2008

Need answers? Get religion in a box!

HT to Fr. T. formerly Fr. Jake.


JCF said...

Off-topic: I need a place to vent re the f@ck-wittery I'm listening to.

NPR's "Talk of the Nation" is discussing Newsweek's coverstory re SSM (w/ the author).

A caller just blathered re Deuteronomy: "The Bible calls homosexuality an abomination"

When Neil Conen responded "The Bible condones slavery", the caller said: "No, the Bible says 'we're all of one blood'. It was Darwin who invented black slavery"


[Now they've got AssHat Albert Mohler blathering away... "Gender is irreducible!" Blah-blah-blahl. BARF! >:-/]

dr.primrose said...

Today's Los Angeles Times has an article on the Episcopal Church controveries that doesn't seem to have been picked up on the Church blogs -- Putting the Episcopal rift in a historical context: The presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States says the current controversy over gays mirrors past conflicts that the global church has managed to overcome.

I thought this part, from an interview with the PB, was particuarly interesting:


Similar controversies have come and gone, she told Times reporters earlier this month, but the 2.4-million-member church has remained largely intact -- even if unity has sometimes come at a steep price.

"The place of gay and lesbian people in the church is the latest expression of the ancient human struggle over who is 'the other,' " Jefferts Schori said. "There will be another group. I don't know who it is going to be."

Slaves were one of these first "other" groups to cast a long shadow over the church.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that NPR let such lunacy go unchallenged.

No, maybe I'm not.

Pat Boone now says that some of his best friends (were) gay. They're either dead or cured, though.

sick, sick stuff.


JCF said...

Well they (NPR, Neil Conan) DID give Lisa Miller (author of the Newsweek coverstory) the last word in the segment.

The contortions that the Asshats give, never cease to amaze me. They've got all these "explanations" for Biblical slavery, polygamy, torture (stoning), marital rape, kosher laws, divorce, etc. etc. etc.

It's just homosexuality which can NEVER be squeezed into the rationale. ("Irreduceable", my queer ass! >:-0)

JCF said...

Episcopal Cafe has picked the NPR coverage up, here (includes link to listen to the NPR story)

Grandmère Mimi said...

I love the video.