Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News from Pittsburgh

The always astute Fr. Mark Harris gives us an excellent summary of current goings-on in the Dio. of Pittsburgh via Simons on the State of the Church in Pittsburgh (that being the Rev. Dr. James Simons, Chair of the Standing Committee).

In addition, local news of the diocese is always only a click away at the local Via Media group, the Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh and on the diocesan website (which seems to now be managed by folks who remember how to spell "Episcopalian" ;)


Lionel Deimel said...

Another Pittsburgh Web site of interest is Pittsburgh Update. Every Monday (usually late at night), a post summarizes news stories of particular interest to Pittsburgh Episcopalians. The stories not directly about Pittsburgh (i.e., most stories) concern goings on around the Anglican Communion that may some day have a real impact—stories about the Global South prinates, same-sex blessings, Lambeth, the Anglican covenant, etc. Such stories should be of general interest to those concerned about the future of The Episcopal Church.

David said...

Thanks, Lionel! Appreciate it.

JCF said...

LOVE Mark Harris.

HATE the trollish comments he (continually) allows to be posted.


David said...

Agreed. Fr. Mark is a much more patient fellow than I.

Tho' in a way, it just makes the trolls look worse. Like whiny, little kids endlessly b*tching & moaning at a real grown-up ;)

Truly, these people are their own worst enemies.