Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iker Won't Recognize Female Priests in Pittsburgh

In an interview over on the (so-called) Anglican Mainstream site, former Episcopal bishop Jack Iker discusses his relationship with ordained women in Bob Duncan's breakaway group in Pittsburgh:
Correct. I’m in communion with him [Duncan], and I’m in a state of impaired communion with women he ordains to the priesthood. Obviously they’re welcome in our churches, but not as celebrants of the eucharist.

They've barely got this "new thing" off the ground, and they're already arguing with each other over, well... purity issues.

Anyone for a serving of Schadenfreude Pie ?


JCF said...

Do remember, David, that Schadenfreude is sin.

Which we must repent of.

[Just "Not yet, not yet!" ;-)]

Anonymous said...

The Avenue Q version (the Schadenfreude song) is here.

Meanwhile, hardly a surprise: girls and homos are both icky to these people.


JCF said...

And more Schadenfreude, from which we must repent: those persistent rumors, that DioSydney (who've bankrolling much of the Anglican Unpleasantness) have LOST BIG BUCKS (whether U.S. or Australian bucks!) in the Financial Meltdown (consult Fr. Christian Troll for the juicy details).

The line to the Confessional forms . . . a circle (dance!)