Thursday, April 24, 2014

More on visions: the power of nothing

One of my favorite blogs out there is The Desert Retreat House by Paul Kowalewski.  He lives in and writes from the Coachella Valley, the desert valley that is "one up" from my own beloved Borrego Valley.

Along the theme of my post of a couple of weeks ago, on mystical experiences and visions of God,  he tells us today about "believing in nothing". Speaking of St John of the Cross, and the "Dark night of the Soul", he writes
In his dark night of "nada," John came to experience the Holy Presence as he had never before been able. He entered into a love affair with "God." -a passionate encounter with a mystical unnamable Abiding Presence that could never be explained by theologies. In fact, he referred to all his past beliefs as, "substitutes for God"- feeble attempts of the intellect to capture and control an elusive mystery that can never be contained or explained.
and goes on to explain his own journey: 
 I've lost the kind of faith I once possessed and gained a new kind of faith. 
I now have faith in "nothing"- belief in "nada" It's not so much that I doubt all the things I had previously believed - it goes beyond doubt. I have been set free from all my answers- such a "great relief."

All I can now do is be present to the wondrous mystery - new every morning.
You should bookmark his blog.  I find much there to savor.

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