Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dear Archbishop Welby, what about Cameroon?

News from Cameroon.
A 42-year-old gay Cameroonian man, Augustin Siewe, has died from injuries suffered at the hands of a mob armed with clubs and machetes. 
Two of his companions, FrancisNgamemo Tientcheu, 40, and Clovis Djeukam, 34, survived the Feb. 6 attack in the coast city of Douala, but then were placed under arrest.
Police rescued the men from the mob and transferred Siewe to a local hospital, where he died. Ngamemo and Djeukam were taken into police custody after their injuries were treated. Police then launched an investigation of them as presumed homosexuals.

Under Cameroonian law, homosexual activity is punishable by up to five years in prison.
Although the law as written only applies to people who are caught in the act of same-sex relations, in practice it is often used to penalize people for being homosexual, even without evidence of any sexual activity.
Of course, this must be because gay people in England and California are marrying.  Naturally, it's our fault.  Clearly the only proper response to gay people marrying in England and California is murdering gay people in Cameroon or Uganda.  If only gay people weren't marrying in England and California none of this would be happening.


JCF said...

RIP, Augustin. Memory eternal.

JCF said...

...or would Justin prefer to stand w/ GAFCON:

"We are equally concerned for ... the backlash from the international community in Uganda from their new legislation"

[Yeah, that's the problem w/ the Jail-the-Gays Law: the BACKLASH to it. {sarcasm/Off}]