Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Valentine's Day

I read this piece from the NY Times on our need for human contact and thought at once of my wife.
[W]hat I look forward to most every day is holding my wife at night. It soothes my soul like nothing else does. It’s a kind of unconditional love that I have never experienced on e-mail or Facebook.

While those opposed to marriage equality rail on about whatever it is they rail on about (generally sex), they miss just about everything that marriage is for those of us lucky enough to be happily married. And much of this is the pure joy of just being together, the warmth of touch, the finishing of each other's thoughts (which we do all the time). I'm so lucky to be able to tell BP every morning and every night how much I love her.

 This just seemed an appropriate reflection for Valentine's Day.  Yeah, I admit it, at heart I'm a soppy romantic!


JCF said...

{Hope the following isn't TMI, but just sayin'}

What I really miss from not being married anymore, isn't sex.

It's someone to stroke my hair.

People who don't understand this---what real love, real companionship is---THEY are the perverts. Pitiful perverts.

Trying to restrain my envy, IT. Happy V-day, to you and BP!

IT said...

JCF, it's something the fundies don't seem to understand-- and it's how they degrade our relationships, reducing them to nothing but a sex act.

I do hope you find someone !

Anonymous said...

And I am so very blessed to have a soppy, romantic wife!!


JCF said...


Now, the bride's too young for me/not really my type. And of course, I want to get married in an Episcopal church! But basically, there's somebody living MY (wannabe) life. Le Sigh...

[Mazel Tov to the happy V-Day couple(s), straight and gay!]

Anonymous said...

JCF, what's with you and the "Romans"? It's such a pre-Raphaellite affectation to call Catholics "the Romans". Do you call the Orthodox "the Moscovites"?

JCF said...

Troll-Spray, Ssssssssss!!!