Friday, July 17, 2009

HoD vote on passes!

This whole thing has made me descend into twittering, for which I see the principle use of reporting "on the ground" events. (I recommend that application "tweetdeck" for managing such things....). Thus, in real time, even remotely, your heart pounds while waiting for the latest 140 character comment from Susan Russell and others who are there, as the voting by orders begins.

Here we go...(three hours go by)

lay deputations 78-23-7 divided
clergy deputations 74-27-7 divided

It passes! Meaning....a tentative step forward to consider what to do with faithfully partnered GLBT people. Full text here. The Integrity blog explains,
What that actually means will vary from diocese to diocese, depending on how the Bishop discerns the needs of the people and the movement of the Spirit. In some places it’ll mean church weddings, in others something very private and discreet, and in some places there will be nothing at all.

Meanwhile, what happens to the Anglican Communion with all this? A view from Scotland's Provost of St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow (H/T Susan Russell):
The Americans have not walked away from the Anglican Communion. They have walked away a little from the idea that the conflict over LGBT issues would disappear if everyone did what Rowan Williams said and adopted the proposals of the Windsor Report. They were right to do so.

The Windsor process has little currency now. The notion that world Anglicanism could be held together by asking churches to discriminate against gay people is shot to pieces.

We need to return to the rather more basic notion that it is devotion to Jesus which holds the potential to unite Christians, not devotion to prejudice. And we must thank God that the Americans have shown us how to make that real.


Paul (A.) said...

One footnote on your report of the vote by orders:

The House of Deputies is made up of "deputies" -- not "delegates". Dioceses send "deputations" -- not "delegations".

A delegate "represents others" and thus has a constituency. A deputy on the other hand has been "assigned authority" to act with independent judgment. We have been elected by our diocesan conventions not to act as those who voted for us would act, but rather entrusted with voting power by the diocese to think independently and act accordingly.

I think it is a distinction worth preserving.

IT said...

Thtanks for the distinction. Corrected!