Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another purge: one sin above all others.

Well, another teacher has been purged from a Roman Catholic school for daring to have married her same sex partner, this time in New Jersey.
Drumgoole “was not terminated because of her sexual orientation,” the motion says. “Instead, she was terminated for violating the Ministerial Policies and the Code of Ethics – in failing to abide by the tenets of the Roman Catholic faith, i.e. by entering into a same sex marriage.

And, you know, they are entitled to do so.  The courts have found that religious schools have broad rights in this regard.  But it's strange that they are so selective about which violation gets one axed.
Drumgoole also says that several Paramus Catholic faculty members are divorced, at least one has a child out of wedlock, various employees cohabitate with members of the opposite sex, at least one other teacher is gay, and nude photographs of another teacher have been circulated online. 
She says she feels as though she was singled out. “There are people who are living lives that go against the tenets of the church and they’re still employed there,” Drumgoole said in an interview.
One sin above all others.

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PseudoPiskie said...

The local Presbyterian church split with PCUSA because of the singular sin of homosexuality. I'm always amused (offended) by people who categorize one sin, always someone slightly different from the majority, above all others, such as divorce, even when they themselves are guilty. After all, as you know, religion and sin were created to control others. It's so frustrating when some disagree. Ha. Tragic.

Brian R said...

My Anglican bishop in Dunedin, New Zealand wrote in his blog on return from the debate in Synod to allow the blessing of same-sex marriage in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa-New Zealand which to his disappointment failed in the Pakeha (white) section although passed by Maori and Polynesian sections.

"There are 31,102 verses in the Bible, or at least in the Protestant version of it which the conservative section of our church recognises. Of these, there are 12 verses which refer to homosexuality and 6 which explicitly condemn homosexual practice. The best scholars in the Christian world have pointed out the ambiguity of even these scraps of scripture, but this does not prevent their becoming the basis of an antipathy to contemporary same gender sexuality which I was repeatedly told, during General Synod, was "First Order". I'm not sure what "First Order" means exactly, but I was told that this is a "Salvation Matter". So, presumably, holding a proper view on homosexuality is right up there in importance with belief in the doctrines I would consider foundational for the Christian faith: namely the Holy Trinity, Incarnation and Resurrection"

JCF said...

Meanwhile, the supposedly no-longer-Catholic "Dignity Health" hospital here in Sacramento cancelled a Transman's weeks-scheduled hysterectomy the DAY BEFORE the surgery. "We don't do voluntary sterilizations". Nevermind 1) he's been taking testosterone for 6 years, his female-parts fertility has already left the station! 2) all his uterus can do for him now is give him (ever-increasing, w/ T) likelihood of cancer, 3) gender-reassignment surgeries are NOT VOLUNTARY DAMMIT!!!

"Dignity" Health: think about that bitter irony... [Noting that on Trans issues, Pope Francis has been JUST AS BAD as the previous popes. Hideously bad.]

IT said...

Brian R, that's very depressing. The inconsistencies on matters of, say divorce, compared to the treatment of LGBT people really comes down to whether those opposed can see themselves affected by a policy.