Monday, March 23, 2015

On leaving religion

It's common in certain places to claim that the decline in membership in organized church is due to liberalism.  This is false.  Every faith group is losing its members, from Roman Catholics to Southern Baptists.

 And the recent "gold standard" survey , the General Social Survey (GSS) funded by the National Science Foundation, makes the point.

From Religion News Service:
...we see between a one and three point rise in secularity since 2012, with 7.5 million more people never entering a church or other worship service than just two years earlier....The number of Americans who never darken a church door is also at a new high. Over a third of Americans (34 percent) never attend a worship service (other than weddings and other ceremonies). This is a 3.4 point increase from just a few years earlier. Put differently, the group of Americans who don’t attend church grew by a rate of over ten percent in two years.  

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