Thursday, June 19, 2014

Catholic blogger calls out the Bishops

From Bob Waldrop .  Read the whole thing, he NAILS the bishops on multiple levels.  (Are you listening, Abp Cordileone?)  And he's not even a supporter of marriage equality.
... instead of a loving proclamation of the Gospel towards gay people, our Bishops are running up and down the land crying out with loud voices that gay marriage is somehow a threat to the sacrament of marriage. ...To suggest that a secular political issue “threatens” a sacrament is hubris and shows a marked lack of faith. That in itself is disturbing coming from our own bishops.
Further, since when did we decide that the involvement of the State had something to do with the Sacrament of Marriage? We don’t get a Baptism License for our children, nor an Ordination license for our seminarians. And we don’t pay a tax to the State to go to Confession nor do we apply to a bureaucrat for the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Our confirmandi do not require state paperwork to receive Confirmation and we celebrate the Eucharist without the permission of the state authorities.
I do not doubt we have problems within and without the Catholic Church in regard to marriage. But those problems are not the fault of gay people and gay marriage has nothing to do with our marital problems. About 1/3 of Catholic marriages end in divorce. With only 6% of the world Catholic population, the diocesan courts of the United States grant 60%+ of the Catholic world’s annulments. By some estimates, American Catholic dioceses have annulled more marriages than the entire Church has done since its founding.
But of course, let’s not talk about this gigantic I-beam proceeding out of the eyes of every Catholic bishop. Let’s ignore the catechetical failures of the Catholic clergy of these United States regarding marriage formation. Instead. . . let’s pick away at the specks in the eyes of others, over which we have no control, and sign up for a hysterical political agenda that conceals ulterior motives. 
Why would we do this if not at the behest of our political master manipulators in the Republican Party? 
This naked emperor should be publicly called out. The crusade against “gay marriage” is not about protecting marriage. It’s about getting votes for Republican politicians.

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