Monday, February 24, 2014

Statement on Uganda

The President of UGanda has signed the kill imprison the gays bill.  From the White House:
Statement by the Press Secretary on Uganda: Instead of standing on the side of freedom, justice, and equal rights for its people, today, regrettably, Ugandan President Museveni took Uganda a step backward by signing into law legislation criminalizing homosexuality. As President Obama has said, this law is more than an affront and a danger to the gay community in Uganda, it reflects poorly on the country's commitment to protecting the human rights of its people and will undermine public health, including efforts to fight HIV/AIDS. We will continue to urge the Ugandan government to repeal this abhorrent law and to advocate for the protection of the universal human rights of LGBT persons in Uganda and around the world.


JCF said...

What are we (U.S.) Americans going to do about this? What are we Episcopalians going to do about this? How can we HELP Ugandan LGBTs???

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Just how are we to do anything about the degree of mental illness that has proven to be deeply ignited against LGBTI citizens. It appears it is worse than previously estimated...these human beings will outcast and kill if the price is right...forget the chest banging and plain lack of understanding of their brothers/sisters, extended families, coworkers and other's easy to trace this thuggery to Henry Orombi and his path of thievery and slanderous filth...blood suckers all!

JCF said...

I heard a report on NPR today that said that LGBT Ugandans seeking asylum would probably get it if they are IN the US, but not if they just apply, in Uganda, at the US embassy. THAT needs to change, ASAP!