Thursday, February 20, 2014

Heartbreaking response to CofE Bishops

From a guest blog at St Laurence's Cowley,  in which the writer responds to the recent letter of the Church of England Bishops that forbids any formal recognition or blessing of gay couples (note that this individual refers to ze's beloved partner as BP as well....)
In withholding the possibility of a blessing ceremony in our own consecrated places of worship, overseen by our own priest and in the presence of our Christian brothers and sisters, the Anglican Communion, The Catholic Church and others, are essentially cursing us in the name of God.

This sounds very harsh and I am quite certain that many will vehemently challenge my understanding of the situation. But, from our perspective everything that is denied expression in the Light of Christ is forced outside that Light and into the darkness. Above all BP and I want to walk in the Light. Consequently we are very unlikely to take up the opportunity for civil marriage but would leap at the chance of a blessing in our own church.

We are not young and anyway due to health issues we have had to recognise that this year is the time to take out the 'bucket list' and get on with it. If only it could include with reasonable expectation of achievement, the blessing of our special and precious relationship in the presence of God.
Pastoral, Bishops?  Really?

The anguish is heartbreaking.


JCF said...

From the GAFCON Primates*:

"We appreciate the costly [???] decision of the House of Bishops of the Church of England, as well as the pastoral [sic] letter and pastoral [sic] guidance of The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Archbishop of York, in regard to the decision of the Westminster Parliament for same-gender marriage. The faithfulness of the Church of England in this regard is a great encouragement to our Provinces"

In other words, the GAFCON primates are "encouraged" to keep fomenting violence (State & private) against their local LGBTs. The CofE bishops have encouraged the spilling of more queer blood. In case your wondering how to wash those splattered red stains out of your white cassocks, CofE bishops: you won't.

Kyrie eleison!

* I refuse to refer to them as "Global South". There are Primates from the Southern Hemisphere who aren't invited, and Primates from the Northern Hemisphere who are. They are an ideological, not geographical, group.

JCF said...

Just want to note that I posted something very similar (but more restrained) to the above to Thinking Anglicans last night, and as yet it has not been published. Look as if letting my No be "NO" will not be accepted there. Pity.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I also posted on Thinking Anglicans regarding the ¨Global South¨ but their meetup in Egypt...what the hell is wrong with Thinking Anglicans? They have taken the party line and tip-toed when LIVES, yes REAL LIVES of REAL LGBTI Anglicans are stake? I am pissed at the absurd contribution of Bishoplike Tito of Chile (imagine, with the majority of people in Chile supporting equality at every level of public and private life)of the Southern Cone. Bishop Tito thinks he is representing Biblical Authority when he is actually joining up with grandstanding bigots, thieves and THOSE WHO WOULD HARM, ROUND UP and even KILL people like you,me,us! Sick bastardos (in and out of Church). BTW, I didn't say the last part in my unpublished Thinking Anglicans (God save us from Churh of England propriety)! Leonardo/Len, Guatemala