Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tony Perkins calls the Very Rev Gary Hall "false prophet"

One thing about the "religious freedom" meme as a justification for anti-gay bigotry:  it's all about ONE form of religion.

And if you are known by your enemies, then the Very Rev. Gary Hall, Dean of the Washington National Cathedral is doing something right. Tony perkins is the leader of the hate-group, the Family Research Council, and he routinely attacks LGBT people and our relationships with lies.

Here's latest 
In his daily Washington Watch Daily Commentary audio message, Perkins slammed the Very Rev. Gary Hall, an Episcopal priest and the head of the famous National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. In January, the National Cathedral opened its doors to same-sex couples who wish to marry.Perkins is now calling Rev. Hall a “false prophet,” and someone who “encourage[s] those who do evil.”
Just recently, the dean of the National Cathedral here in Washington gave a message in which he called “homophobia” a sin. Gary Hall, who is called the Very Reverend, defined in part homophobia as those who prevent BLGT youth from seeing their “sexual orientation as a gift.” When asked by The Christian Post if homosexuality was a sin, Hall said, it is “not for me to say,” adding that such a view “is a misreading of the scripture.”
See, it's not about freedom.  It's about a fundamentalist theocracy.

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