Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Pew Poll (updated)

Pew has released a poll of LGBT people.  One caveat:  over 40% of the respondents identify as bisexual , which seems high.  That said, the results are interesting.

Here, I want to focus on this graph.  It speaks to the experience of LGBT towards religion.  We  hear the rhetoric ramping up from the anti-marriage equality crowd, whose opposition is generally religiously based, where American hysterics are trying to claim gay people are perverts who die young, while even the sober Archbishop of Canterbury made outrageous claims i n the House of Lords debate, it's no wonder that LGBT people are suspicious of religion.

Just for comparison, here is what people think of marriage equality who identify with the indicated groups (also from Pew)

As Elizabeth Kaeton highlights on her recent blog, the mainline media is certainly recognizing that the  Episcopal church as gay-friendly, even if it hasn't quite sunk in to the LGBT community.  
[quoting the Washington Post]  
The Episcopal Church, a small but prominent Protestant denomination, has been generally in favor of gay equality for years but the Cathedral leadership has been raising the bar in the last few months.
The Episcopal Church? "Generally in favor of gay equality"?

That has to be the understatement of the year!

It's not exactly "generally in favor" when you have institutional approval of LGBT people for ordination and marriage equality. 
Oh, we are not in 100% agreement on much of anything - as it should be - but "generally in favor"? C'mon!

And, The Episcopal Church has been "raising the bar"? Oh, honey, we own the bar!
But with 44% of LGBT people thinking the mainline is unfriendly--well, there's a way to go.

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Erp said...

Well yes the Episcopal Church is more or less welcoming but it does vary from church to church so someone who is gay or lesbian or ally should probably check before walking in with a rainbow ribbon.

Unprogrammed Quakers, UUs, Reform Judaism are safest. I would guess the UCC, the TEC, the ELCA, and United Methodist are in the next tier.

BTW according to the survey LGBT actually affiliated have somewhat different opinions. "By contrast, among LGBT adults who are white mainline Protestants, most say that non-evangelical Protestant Churches are either friendly (20%) or neutral (54%) toward them, while 24% see these churches as unfriendly."