Friday, June 14, 2013

Crawling out from under a rock (updated)

So, a little while ago Cheerios had an adorable on-line video ad, where a little girl wants her dad to be healthy by eating Cheerios. Thing is, it was a biracial couple and the haters came out of the woodwork and from under the rocks to leave the most vile comments  on Youtube. You can read more here. So, here's a spoof version of the ad that....well, you'll see.
(Updated: Corrected video now uploaded)

Humor is always a good response.

But more troubling, this isn't isolated.  An 11 year old San Antonio boy with a terrific voice sang the National Anthem before one of the games in the NBA final.  He's of Mexican descent, and the troglodytes crawled out with the racist comments there, too. (Read more about it here--and listen to his awesome performance!) They were sending him vile tweets.

What these have in common is people revealing a racism that we know exists, but that used to be seen as unacceptable.  But now, they are coming out of the closet, using Twitter accounts with their own names.  And they aren't just Angry White Men.  There are blacks and women too.  Because  everyone needs someone to look down upon. There's a hierarchy of putdowns here.  And, they seem to feel its appropriate to express these feelings about CHILDREN.

It's really disturbing how our country is fracturing.  Of course, this prevents building bridges and coalitions against the corporate oligarchs and millionaires.  And of course, cultural warriors benefit too. Look at how the Catholic church is threatening to pull funding from immigration reform groups that belong to progressive coalitions that support marriage equality.

 What's also deeply troubling is how many of these people probably think of themselves as Christian.

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