Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quote of the day

Hey, sensible (R)'s. Wake up, please. Claim your party back because we NEED you.
People love to ask me, “How could you ever be a Democrat?” My response is always the same; “Because I know what it’s like to not be a corporation that has the ear of a well-connected Senator. I know what it feels like to not have a lobbyist organization to speak for me. I know what it’s like to be a second class citizen in a country that claims to protect the weak. I have been the woman in need of food stamps, the woman that the Violence Against Women’s Act protects. Obamacare was written for me and the millions of others just like me. I went to school on government ‘handouts.’ I want to live in a nation that values life above the cost of a bullet.“ 
My friends, I didn’t leave the Republican Party. They abandoned me years ago.


PseudoPiskie said...

They caused me to leave when all they could do was impeach Clinton. I'm not a Democrat but I have no other choice. And neither do many socially liberal but fiscally conservative people.

Fred Schwartz said...

I am a democrat. I used to be rather open-minded looking for the best candidate but that all ended with Houston I. Flourney(sp). Until the real republican party returns from hiding out wherever I will not even consider voing for a Republican. Someone has absconded with the real Republican Party andit looks like it may never return.