Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog commenting

The number of spam comments from "Anonymous" on this and my GMC blog has gotten out of control.  Blogger gives me the option to disallow "anonymous" while allowing OpenID or Google ID's to comment.  I need to know whether this would inconvenience any of the handful of legitimate commenters here.  


Ann said...

Do what you need to do to control spam -- okay by me.

JCF said...

IIRC, if you get rid of "Anonymous", Blogger automatically gets rid of "Name/URL" also. I don't like that it does that (I prefer "Name/URL"), but since I *can* sign in via Blogger, I'll just have to cope.

JCF, making probably my last Name/URL post here (at least for awhile)


Just PLEASE don't get rid of pop-up comment boxes! Certain Bloggers *cough* Mimi & MP *cough* have done so, and I am (still!) quite peeved about it.

Mary Lawthers said...

I very rarely comment, so go do what you need to do.