Saturday, April 6, 2013

More maps

Some time ago, I collected a whole series of maps of the US to compare different regions (You can see those posts under the label "maps").  Well, here's another one, and it's rather grim.  It's the INCREASE in female mortality rates in the US. As the commenter writes, 
Female mortality rates increased in 42.8% of counties (male mortality rates increased in only 3.4%).

Now, if you go to my other maps posts, you will see that the regions with increased mortality for women are also the regions with

  • above-average religiosity, particularly Evangelical
  • lowest economic activity (GDP)
  • fewest passports
  • slowest to overturn anti-miscegenation laws 
  • least gay friendly

So it looks like the income-gap and regional economic gaps and culture gaps also exacerbate the gaps between men and women's health.


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JCF said...


I think we're in "Shockingly Predictable" territory.