Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How Progressive Are You?

Do you call yourself a liberal or a conservative?  A moderate or a progressive? Here's an online quiz entitled "How PRogressive Are You?"

and here is how the scores come down for different groups:


Anonymous said...

Yikes. I scored 309. I always thought of myself as a moderate!

Lou Poulain
apparently quite progressive, and a resident of
Sunnyvale CA

Jim Pratt said...

I scored 236, and I consider myself more of a libertarian (conservative on economic issues, more liberal on social issues)

PseudoPiskie said...

I scored 323 so I'm extremely progressive. The questions skew that way tho.

Counterlight said...

I scored 400.
Extremely Progressive.

Quel surprise.

Agree with Pseudo. The questions are a bit skewed.

Erp said...

336 but the questions were skewed.

Anonymous said...

Well, where does 342 fit in? And like others, I thought I was a slightly left of center democrat. I do this much, while I really like Obama, he is a conservative democrat regardless of what Ritt Momney says.

Fred is back.

IT said...

310 for me and also thought I was more centered.

Fred, you are right re. Obama

Kevin K. said...

184. I demand a recount. This is challenging my antedeluvian self-perception.

Kevin K.

Paul (A.) said...

Congratulations, Counterlight! Did you max out, then?

I only scored 307, but that's not bad for a Republican these days.

Prior Aelred said...

370 -- a real right winger (compared to Counterlight)

Anonymous said...

Fanatics/those on the extremes always think they're more moderate than they are.
Mainline Protestantism has been self-segregating for generations; why would you be surprised that you're more extreme than you think or that it's now almost as impossible to find conservative Republican Mainline clergy as it is to find liberal Democrats at Bob Jones "University"?
So much for "Celebrate our Diversity!". You're now about as "diverse" as cream cheese.

Anonymous said...

Turnip Ghost:
I appreciate your thought but got any research to clearly demonstrate your hypothesis? Perhaps this is just based on anecdotal information. In either case, take the quiz and let us know if you voted for Gene McCarthy.