Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on North Carolina

From Andrew Sullivan:
[Amendment One] reveals that the anti-marriage equality peeps are not simply anti-marriage. They are against any civil recognition of gay couples' commitment, responsibility and equality. The Amendment today would ban any relationship rights whatever to gay couples in the state. No domestic partnerships, no civil unions - nada. It renders spouses strangers at hospitals, it ensures no legal stability for shared homes or shared children. It is in many ways a simple declaration that gay relationships are anathema to the people of North Carolina. That's what drives the anti-marriage equality movement: the removal of gay people from full family life.
Yes, the Amendment which does so much more than simply make marriage illegal. Because marriage between gay couples is ALREAY illegal in NC.  So what's the purpose of adding an amendment?  Sullivan nails it. It's to make us invisible.  See that closet door open wide?

From the Huffington Post:  (because suppressing votes is one way to win)
All, we're getting reports here in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Raleigh (which are base areas for us, e.g. anti-Amendment 1) of precincts handing out INCORRECT ballots. In North Carolina, 17-year-olds can vote in the statewide primary (e.g., for governor, etc.) if they turn 18 by November 6th. However, they CANNOT vote on Amendment 1 in this primary -- they can only vote for candidates -- therefore they are being handed ballots WITHOUT Amendment 1. That is proper election procedure. 
The problem is, the reports we are getting are that people OVER 17 are also being handed these ballots WITHOUT Amendment 1 in what would normally be heavily anti-Amendment 1 precincts (Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Raleigh).... call 1-866-OUR-VOTE if you experience this in NC, or know someone who did.


Barry Fernelius said...

With any luck, some over-zealous folks will invalidate the whole process. Keep your fingers crossed.

JCF said...

It passed, no real surprise.

How will the Dems---holding Convention in Charlotte---going to react to this?

My proposal: support LGBT and explicit straight ally businesses, and as little else as possible. [Yeah, probably won't happen. Except maybe by the LGBT Caucus]