Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quote of the day : Gay = "anti-Christian"

Seems the conservatives had a conference about the EEEEVVVVVVIIIIILLL homos and the Gay Agenda.
The first step for Christian conservatives to win the war against the gay movement is to rebrand the terms, said a few panelists at this weekend’s The Awakening conference at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

“‘Gay’ is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires,” said Ryan Sorba, chairman of the Young Conservatives of California. “Gay identity does not exist.”

Sorba proposed alternatives to the word “gay,” which received approval by a unanimous show of hands by the 40-some audience members:

* “Same-sex attraction”
* “Same-sex intercourse”
* “Sodomy”
* “Unnatural vice”

Later in the discussion, it was suggested that gays should also be referred to as “anti-Christian.”

(H/T Leonardo)

Now this would be amusing, except that the LGBT community plays into the same thing. Over on the Prop8TrialTracker, the Admins have scolded the community for falling into the "Gay vs Religion" meme. Why is it that so many progressives are so intolerant of religion and religious believers?

And I ask that as a non-believer.

The conservative Christians have been way too successful in convincing the LGBT community that "Christian" is the enemy. And they've been way too successful in claiming the title "Christian" for themselves. This stuff is absolute crap. In my hopeful moments, I think it's the dying of a world view, and at less hopeful moments, I think it really IS a culture war.

So, 'piskies: apparently you aren't Christian! 'cause you aren't anti-gay.


it's margaret said...

Yeah... we've been told we aren't Christian a lot.... but, come to think of it, I don't think Jesus was a Christian either, and it was a derogatory term for his disciples.... so, maybe they can have the term, and we can become something more/else/better....

Counterlight said...

I second Margaret's comment.

Speaking of new names for gays, a fun game to play is to take a standard issue homophobic rant from Maggie Gallagher or from any number of others, and where ever they say "homosexual" substitute the word "caucasian," and where ever they say gay or lesbian, put "white."

Tobias Stanislas Haller said...

This is a dynamic not unlike that by which communism became "anti-American."

1. A group identifies something they don't like.

2. They oppose it and dislike it, or even hate it.

3. They decide it is out to destroy them.

The echo chamber of the conservative mind is a terrible thing to taste. It projects upon all others its same narrow insistence that its way is the only way.

Paul (A.) said...

They overlook the point that "sodomy" really doesn't apply to womenfolk.

Since I happen to be straight I guess I must be a proponent then of "natural" vice.

But then I am also of the conviction that if it were actually "unnatural" you couldn't do it.

Really, what is it that they are so afraid of? Christians should know that perfect love casts off fear. Perhaps we should give them the name of "ChristoPharisees".

IT said...

Paul(A) I like it!