Monday, April 11, 2011

Episcopal Foodies = Digital Reformation?

The Lead directs us to this story about the Episcopal Foodie Network. It's not just a Facebook page for recipes, but a new movement:

Elizabeth Drescher, a professor at Santa Clara University whose field is “contemporary spirituality at the intersection of new digital social media and ancient Christian wisdom,” an early contributor to EfN and “lurker” as she describes herself, named what had happened: we had inadvertently stumbled right into the heart of what she calls the “digital Reformation.”

What is that? Here’s how Drescher describes it, “The digital Reformation is a renewal of the church inspired by new practices shaped by the participatory, co-creative, collaborative, and distributed culture of digital social media.” With it comes a “dramatic global shift in the nature of faith, social consciousness and relationship” that these digital social media are ushering in.

To see how truly this religious network represents the possibilities for new kinds of Christian community gathering online I invite you to visit and observe this highly co-creative, self-organizing network, as we “gather to share recipes, hospitality, and euphoric photos of food and the gatherings around it.” Join the throng of folks posting everything from favorite recipes, to announcements of sustainable food events, to links covering just about every topic related to food and faith imaginable.

Come and see how the Internet can become a collective of all kinds of otherwise less visible grace & share links with us to your favorite flocks of interactive faith community.

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