Saturday, February 19, 2011

Your Government in Action

One of my correspondents, from one of my professional associations:
What were you doing this morning at 4:40 AM EST? Well, if you're a member of the House of Representatives, you were voting on one of the biggest spending cuts in our history, a recision package cutting more then $60 billion from the federal budget for the remaining seven months of FY11. Essentially - the House has rolled back the clock and frozen spending at FY08 levels. ....

With both chambers in Congress now on recess for President's Day - the bill will wait for Monday 2/28 for the debate to begin in the Senate. We are in for an epic-debate here folks. The President has threatened a veto of any bill that includes massive cuts like the ones passed by the House, the Speaker of the House has expressed a willingness to allow the government to shut down rather then concede the point...
I thought the Republicans were elected to create jobs, not destroy them?

Let's be clear. This is conservative idealism at its worst. It will eviscerate nearly everything good that the government does. Expect massive job losses around the country, in the states. It will plunge us back into recession, if not depression. Education, infrastructure, all plunged into the past. Medical research, scientific progress, economic development, gone. I'll have to fire nearly everyone working for me, and taking a substantial pay cut, if this goes through.

And anyone who voted for one of these tea-baggers, voted for this.

If you look at a distribution of where the government spends its (our) money, this bill focuses almost exclusively on "discretionary spending" with only token stabs at defense, and no addressing the big kahunas of entitlement programs.

Yes, there is work to be done. Yes, there are things we could do better. But a Grover-Norquist style "kill the government" approach is a straight shot to disaster. Hang on, folks, as we may be undergoing an explosive deceleration in all aspects of our lives.

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It's not a coincidence that this occurs against a background of the Koch Brothers (you remember the Koch Brothers) and their work behind the Union-busting efforts in Wisconsin. Yes, there are abuses in organized labor. Sure. But a regression to the bad old days of the so called "gilded age" is not the way to go.

To some extent, this was inevitable with the capitulation of American Democracy to the Corporations represented by Citizens United. But you have to hand it to the Republicans: they have mastered the art of having people vote against their own interests to serve the corporate oligarchs. And that sound we hear is the crumbling of our democracy.


JCF said...

Preach it, IT!

Fred Schwartz said...

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes had the fololowing to say:
"Taxes is the price we pay to live in a civilized society."

Apparently, we no longer live in a civilized society.

JCF said...

Sort of OT, sort of not:

Run, don't walk, to the leader at Anglicans Online (the original Anglican blog, and parent of "Thinking Anglicans". The leader only stays on the front page for a week).

Not only do they come right out and say "The Anglican Covenant shouldn't pass, and we don't want to be in any 'Anglican Communion' ruled by it", not only do they come back to the (FTMFW!!!!) Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral as the ONLY "Anglican Covenant" we need . . . but they also tie WHY the Covenant should die, to . . . Wisconsin! And Egypt! And pizza "sent" from the latter to the former! :-D

Go! Read! Love! [Psst, if you any of bloggers here at FOJ want to make an entry for this, I wouldn't look askance. ;-/]

JCF said...

Totally off-topic: prayers ascending for New Zealand, hearing of the earthquake [Church collapsed in Christchurch: one of "ours"? :-( ]

JCF said...

Yes, it was the Anglican Cathedral in Christchurch which collapsed. :-(

dr.primrose said...

Episcopal Cafe has links photos of the Anglican cathedral -- before and after.

The R.C. Cathedral was also heavily damaged; a picture from the L.A. Times is here.