Friday, January 21, 2011

Note to blogmasters re. missing comments

Recently, thanks to a remark by counterlight, I became aware that Blogger has changed how it handles comments. Now, if you go to the dashboard and choose "comments" you see three categories: "published", "awaiting moderation" and "spam. " I looked at the "spam" comments which go through a filter, and found quite a number in there were not spam, but were comments by blog regulars, including myself! All of which I promptly approved. There have been no further inappropriate designations.

So, blogmasters, drop into the comments tab occasionally and make sure that blogger isn't mis-labeling your commenters.

As for OUR comment policy at FoJ: we do moderate the comments to this blog. There is no posting on older posts without active approval by one of us. We give wide latitude to comments on current posts, but we will delete any that we consider inappropriate (and potentially anyone else's that responded). We follow Jake's rule: it's our house, and you are here as our guests. Our loyal readers can help by (1) not responding to obvious trolling, and (2) letting us know if you notice anything wrong.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I didn´t know that--thanks for the tip regarding the Spam option (I usually don´t return to blogs that don´t publish my comments and hope that people that I delete/edit don´t come back too, seems balanced to me although some of the folks that I publish have been known to not publish me)...btw, I think we all, including you and your recipes for food delights diversions, responded over and over (sometimes over the top and Jake did too) to trolls, meanies and general havocmakers at Jake´s--sometimes it got the juices going to such an extent that WE all got to know much more about ourselves, and our real character more than the ¨on-topic-all-the-time¨ subject! Certainly allowed me to ¨see¨ me better.

Jake did show me the door once (and opened it for me to see out more than once--I got it and think still today that he´s a very sensitive man whom I admire)...there was so much I learned at Jakes, it wasn´t much about me teaching anything or sharing anything of great wisdom--it was about learning and about being honest and being angry and not accepting ¨abuse¨ as some form of Christian purity thinking/beliving (and still is as he set the standard high from all angles for blogging).

Thanks again for being at Jakes and for being here too!

Grandmère Mimi said...

IT, thank you. I found 3 comments that were not spam in the spam folder. Unfortunately, they are older comments, and the posters probably wondered what happened to them. In the future, I will check the spam folder regularly.

IT said...

Thank YOU Leonardo, for being here with us.

Mimi, it hasn't happened since, but with BLogger you never know.

Counterlight said...

I've been dealing with spam for a long time, all of it on much older posts. I'm happy about the new spam-blocker on Blogger. I think the spammers migrated to blogs when email servers got wise and put in all kinds of anti-spam filters.

My basic policy on comments is no "anonymous" comments. People can say what they please (within the limits of decency and libel laws), but they must identify themselves either with their real name or a handle or fake name. I insist that they publicly stand by their comments since I stand by mine on the posts. I've had some dissenting comments and detractors (some of them good comments), but the drive-bys have vanished and I marked my one troll as spam. He's not been a problem since.

IT said...

IT helps to set moderation on all posts older than a week or two.