Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Episcopal Church "no longer Christian"

Right wing watch reports that Right-winger Michael Youssef, of Lead the Way Ministries, has decided that the Episcopal church has "defied God" and it's all the fault of the lesbians.
Perhaps the last nail in the coffin of that once-vibrant Christian church came as no surprise to many of us when M. Thomas Shaw, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, kicked off the new year of 2011 by performing a lesbian marriage ceremony at St. Paul's cathedral in Boston. Two "priestesses" of the church -- Katherine Hancock Ragsdale (dean and president of Episcopal Divinity School, no less) and Mally Lloyd (canon to the Ordinary at St. Paul's) -- were united in homosexual bliss in the presence of 400 guests. The whole debate of homosexuality has deteriorated into an emotional argument on equality with total disregard to God's created order that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

But how can one be surprised at this defiance of church cannons when the Episcopal leadership has defied God? Once the fear of God and obedience to His Word are trampled underfoot, then any sort of church resolution is not worth the paper it's written on.

The Episcopal Church is not Jesus' church. The few...very few faithful ones left within this Church need to run for their lives lest they be held accountable for complacency on the Day of Judgment.
At some level, you know who you are by the hysteria of your enemies. Well done, EPiscopal Church: standing up for justice, love, and inclusiveness.

Pam's House Blend comments,
Youssef can draw a line in the sand based solely on acceptance of LGBTs when divorce is rampant among all Christian denominations, as well as a lot shellfish-eating and mixed fiber-adorned parishioners. And what about the breakaway Episcopal churches that left over LGBT issues? Are they sufficiently Christian? It's tiring to read horsesh*t like this. It demeans good people of faith for no logical reason other than bigotry.
PHB is a major LGBT site. Like many progressive sites, many authors don't have a terribly good opinion of religion. The positive tone they have about TEC shows that your ongoing efforts to inclusion ARE being heard, and making a difference.

Oh, and while we're talking about fundagelical nuts, did you hear about the new Governor of Alabama? He's a good Baptist:
Bentley added, "Now I will have to say that, if we don't have the same daddy, we're not brothers and sisters. So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister, and I want to be your brother."
He's walking it back.


Evan said...

You know, whenever I hear these people piss and moan about how we've disrupted "God's created order," I get this image of their God as being like the neurotic kid who sat next to you in junior high lining up their pencils in a nice straight row and getting irate if you bumped their desk.

I wonder how anyone can describe a God who gets mad because you broke some arbitrary meaningless rule of "order" as a God of love.

I am proud to be an Episcopalian!

PseudoPiskie said...

It's easy to do when you create god in your own image as so many of those folks have done. Men made most of their rules. Jesus taught us to love Godde and each other. Too many haven't translated that part of the Bible yet.

JCF said...

Two "priestesses" of the church

Huh. It's usually Popoids who pop off this one.


{ahem} I call your attention to two threads over at Episcopal Cafe/The Lead, where Yours Truly commented today. They epitomize how I CONSTANTLY feel, as an Episcopalian, between a Rock and Hard Place (Via Media?).

On the one hand, a very well-written article at the Huffington Post on (get this) Intra-Christian dialogue attracted what I (now) call "The full Guardian treatment": one after another, anti-religious ANTI-theists trolled their hatred of anything and EVERYTHING religious. Hello, "Intra-"??? As in, THIS CONVERSATION DOES NOT CONCERN YOU, move along?! [The article was hat-tipped at Episcopal Cafe, FYI]

...and then, The Other Hand.

On the Episcopal Cafe/The Lead's thread re AngChCanada's Primate Fred Hiltz's condemnation of the AC Primates Meeting boycott, a poster (critiquing ++Hiltz) has come back w/ the old chestnut "Why, he sounds like just like a secular organization! Where's the focus on GeeeeeeeeeZus????"

ANTI-THEISTS/ little me&littleTEC /ONLY GEEEZUS!!!

Oy vey.

IT said...

JCF, you come by here and vent any time.

Yeah. You get a lot of bruises in the media via.

JCF said...

Off-topic: just heard that the Pope is commenting on the sex scandal . . . the one by Silvio Berlusconi! :-O

[Did Benny (privately) say "Why did he mess w/ {Ew!} a teenage girl?"]

Sometimes, Reality just gobsmacks me. SRSLY.

Erika Baker said...

"Episcopal Church no longer Christian" - has someone told God?

JCF said...

Erika, they sent Him a directive.