Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not everyone hates TEC

From The Zimbabwean:

Christian leaders in Africa have more to think about than gays and lesbians, the Bishop of Angola (Anglican) Rt. Rev. Andre Soares has said.
Speaking before the start of the annual general meeting of the Mozambique and Angola Association (MANNA) that links Anglican churches in Britain to their counterparts in those two former Portuguese colonies, Bishop Soares said: “The African churches continue to believe in the Bible. We must continue to follow the teachings of the Bible. We can perfect our understanding of our readings of the Bible but it does not mean that we can do things that the Bible, for a long time, has been teaching us. It is important to understand that we are many, but we exist in our diversity.”

And from the Rt. Rev. Dan Edwards, bishop of Nevada, reporting on the House of Bishops meeting in Phoenix:
Last night we heard from the Suffragen Bishop for Anglican Communion Relations and also a Bishop from Africa. Very interesting. They stressed that most African Anglicans value their relationship with us. Diocese to diocese, parish to parish, and person to person relations are where the Anglican Communion is communing. They said 90% of the African bishops want to preserve our relationship and some of them act on that at real risk to themselves because of the hostility of their archbishops. It turns out that one African parish is in partnership with the Diocese of New Hampshire (home of Gene Robinson) but it isn’t public because that parish would be in major trouble with their archbishop if it were known. While hostility is in the press, partnership is going on behind the scenes. The hostile archbishops are nearing the end of their terms. What we need to do is just be patient and wait. Most African Anglicans disagree with us on matters of women’s ordination and gay inclusion. But they want to remain in relationship anyway.

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