Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vatican rejects resignations

From Ireland. Dublin Archbishop blocked from child abuse clean up:
Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has told priests that the Vatican has rejected the resignations of his two auxiliary bishops following their reported involvement in the Roman Catholic Church's cover-up of child abuse.

The Vatican's rebuff deals a blow to Martin, a veteran Vatican diplomat who was appointed in 2004 to lead Ireland's most populous diocese through a growing storm of child-abuse scandals. From the start he has clashed with predecessors who suppressed reports of child molestation and transferred abusive priests to new parishes in Ireland, Britain and the United States.
Victims groups said Wednesday they were disgusted, but not surprised, that the Vatican had decided to back Walsh and Field rather than Martin.

"All this abuse was covered up by successive Dublin archbishops and in the full knowledge of every auxiliary bishop until Martin's arrival. On those grounds, every single bishop involved in the governance of the Dublin Archdiocese until 2004 ought to have resigned by now," said Andrew Madden, a former altar boy who became the first Irish victim to go public with an abuse lawsuit against the church in 1995.
Analysts said the Vatican had sent a strong message to Martin not to criticize colleagues in public again.


Anonymous said...

No, no, a thousand times NO...can you imagine if Benedict had to be responsible for his DEFLECTING actions? Of course Cardinal Ratzinger had much work overload as he was writing letters to encourage EPISCOPALIAN SCHISMATICS at ¨A Place to Stand¨ anit-LGBT Conference, Dallas, 2003! No sense the Pope or his ¨understudies¨ EVER take responsibility for their ill-thought-out and executed REAL actions of deceit! The Pope ought resign and take his contaminated suck-em-ups with him. Leonardo

IT said...

This is horrifying.

JCF said...

I have lost any remaining capability to be shocked by ANYTHING the Vatican does anymore.

JCF said...

...nevertheless, the bare-faced HYPOCRISY of Popoids still leaves me seething.

Case in point: tonight on EWTN's news show "The World Over", they had an "expert" (somebody George, w/ a Princeton backdrop behind him) talking about how Vaughn Walker's decision "impugned Christians". This, not 30 seconds after they (EWTN) lingered long on showing a pro-H8 sign that said "Pervert Judge. Pervert Decision." WHO is being "IMPUGNED" here??? >:-0

[The expert's reply to EVERY objection, moreover, was to compare SSM to polyamory: "3, 5 or 7 partners". Every.Single.Freakin'.Time., that was the analogy. When there's study after study PROVING kids do just fine w/ two same-sex parents, and evidence (strong anecdotal evidence, if not peer-reviewed studies), of how BADLY children do under polygamous marriages (the only kind of "polyamorous" groupings, AFAIK, that use the term "marriage" to describe their bond(s)). An absolutely oranges to poisoned apples comparison, and that's ALL they got! }-p]