Friday, June 18, 2010

Help St John's, Ketchikan AK, find their new rector.

The Rev. Dr Ronald Kotrc (retired) of St John's Ketchikan, Alaska asks all the visitors to St John's to help them advertise their search for a new rector.

It's a small, but warm and welcoming congregation in this tidy town. I've told you previously about our visit. The town is nestled in the temperate rainforest, and the weather is mild for Alaska, with ample rain but little snow. As well as fishing and tourism industries, Ketchikan is a great arts community too, with a lot of local artisans from "Southeast". The congregation is ethnically and economically diverse, not surprising in this very diverse region of Alaska. It also reaches out to the many visitors that come through.

I told Fr Kotrc that he had told the right person, and that all my friends online could help "get the word out" about their open search. SO! If you are, or know someone for whom this little parish sounds like a good fit, Spread the Word! Check out the job listing and the church's wishlist. Candidates can contact St John's, Ketchikan directly at 907-225-3680, PO Box 3003, Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 for more information.

I'll leave this at the top of the blog for a few days to be sure it's seen widely.

Photo: Totem of Fog Woman, Raven's wife, who brought the salmon. Ketchikan is noted for its totem poles that tell stories of the Tlingit and other native peoples.


Erp said...

Ketchikan is about the same latitude as Aberdeen, Scotland.

PseudoPiskie said...

Just posted it on FB.