Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Facebook group challenges the ABC

On Wednesday morning, December 9th a new Facebook group was created: "Anglicans who want THIS statement from Canterbury. " In less than 48 hours, the membership of the group has swelled to over 2500 and counting. Members include former staff from Lambeth Palace and at least one current bishopsin the Episcopal Church. The statement the group is signing onto follows:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has failed to exercise moral leadership to protect gays & lesbians in Uganda and has instead exercised political pressure to attack a bishop-elect in Los Angeles because she is a lesbian.

As Anglicans who treasure their Communion and expect more from their Archbishop, in the Advent spirit of John the Baptist's cry to the religious leaders of his time, we call on+Rowan Williams to repent of his earlier statement and issue this one instead...
Go to Walking with Integrity for more info, check out the group on Facebook to join.

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F. Harry Stowe said...

Why do we persist in calling this bushybrowed fraud "our" Archbishop; he is, at most (and this is in doubt beyond the political sense) an archbishop of the C of E and the "spiritual leader" of not even GAFCON, let alone the Anglican Communion -- though his chosen hacks in various offices may mislead us a bit on that.