Monday, October 26, 2009

Support your local Missionary

Our own Padre Mickey (the Rev. Michael Dresbach) has had a bit of a cyber-tragedy. It seems his loyal Mac Mini has given up the ghost and requires a new logic board. At $600, this repair is virtually the same cost as a new computer, and is way beyond what they can afford as missionaries in Panama.

But take heart! You, gentle reader, can contribute to the "Buy the Good Padre a Mac Mini" fund drive via this form. Donations are accepted on-line via credit card, or by mailing a check. Depending on your situation, donations may be tax deductible as well.

You know it's a Good Thing® to do, so get to it.


Grandmère Mimi said...

It's good of you to do this, David. I linked to the post at my blog.

David said...

Awww shucks, ain't nuthin' ;) Other folks on the editors list here found the link to the donation page and such...

(BTW, I like your new profile pic :)

David |Dah • veed| said...

David I made my contribution, but I have some further thoughts and am ready give a little more if we can upgrade the Padre's kit. The older Mac mini, which I believe was a PowerPC G4, had a DVI port. He most likely is using a CRT monitor with a DVI to VGA adapter. (Perhaps we can ask him to confirm his actual setup.)

I hope we are getting him the best for our money, either the Early '09 Mac mini which came out in MAR or the Late '09 Mac MIni which just came out this month. Either has two video ports; a mini- DVI (D) and a mini-DisplayPort. The minis come with a mini-DVI (D) adapter, which will not help him if he has a old CRT. He needs a mini-DVI to VGA or a mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter to use an old VGA monitor.

Or do we want to kick it up and get him a new LCD display and the proper adapter with the mini? The mini will work with about any brand of LCD monitor. I have seen some nice ones from HP.

David said...

Yeah, I've been impressed with HP's flat panel monitors. Some of Dell's are nice, too. Just got a Dell S2309W 23" widescreen at a ridiculously low sale price and like it alot.

And yes, we need to make sure he knows about the appropriate mini(whatever) to VGA or DVI connector, since a new Mini will require such. Padre Mickey is a savvy guy, though - I bet he's already aware of this ;)

(and just so everyone else knows, Dah-veed is quite knowledgeable about Macs, esp. the Mini. I see him contributing on Apple's official support/discussion forums all the time)