Monday, June 15, 2009

Wear green today

Wear Green Today in solidarity with the Iranian protesters. From the Facebook site:
Please share your videos, pictures and news of the ongoing events in Iran here to help preserve items from the Twitter feed and provide a repository of information that is more accessible to the public.

This group is a simple show of support for the courageous Iranians standing up for freedom in Iran in the wake of government repression and possible vote fraud.

As an additional symbol of support, please consider changing your profile picture to the color green to show your solidarity with those seeking fundamental change in Iran.

Follow the unfolding events on Twitter here and click on #iranelection under 'Trends' on the left.

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Марко Фризия said...

I am wearing a light green tie dye shirt. In some Eastern churches green is the liturgical color for the Feast of Pentecost (green for new life in the spirit as opposed to red in the West). So I pray for peaceful renewal of their common life in Iran and an outpouring of the Spirit on them. I hope that the world (seeing the strong desire for justice and political change from within Iran) realizes that there are actually people of goodwill in Iran (something, of course, many of us already knew). Seeing the humanity and goodness of Iranians might make it much more difficult for some folks who have wanted to start a neocon style "preemptive war" with Iran.

Марко Фризия said...

On the funny side, do you remember this video "tribute" to President Ahmadinejad by Saturday Night Live?

When this guy came to the USA to make a speech at the UN (and a speech to Columbia University) he actually said there were no gay people in Iran. But as Andy Samberg says, "That was Iran. You're in New York now baby!"

Brad said...

How DOES the Orthodox church treat its gays? We hear about protestants and catholics all the time.

David G. said...

I wear my name everyday.