Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad news in New Hampshire

Some supporters of same-sex marriage said they were taken aback Wednesday when the New Hampshire House voted against a key amendment to the bill.

About two-dozen supporters of same-sex marriage sat in the gallery above the representatives as they narrowly voted down an amendment that Gov. John Lynch said is required before he will sign the same-sex marriage bill.

Many said they expected the amendment to pass, as it passed the Senate before. The amended bill could have been on Lynch's desk by the afternoon. Instead, the amendment failed, 188-186.

"The fact that it failed by two votes kind of makes me sad," said Logan Barbosa, of Franklin.

"I think this is an important bill for New Hampshire," said Joshua Seguin, of Durham. "It's all about equality. It isn't about being gay or straight, it's about being in love."

Supporters of same-sex marriage said they didn't think the amendment proposed by Lynch should prevent the bill from being adopted. The governor said he wanted language added to spell out that religious organizations opposed to same-sex marriage couldn't be compelled to take part in ceremonies.
Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson was also in the gallery with the supporters. He and his partner got a civil union in New Hampshire last year. He said that he is optimistic lawmakers will come up with an acceptable bill this session.

Video with Gene Robinson here


James said...

The silver lining in this is that the "no" vote was on the dispensations from abiding by the rule.

The "no" was not on same-gender marriage.

I see good in that.

The First Amendment gave/gives the "man-woman" marriage camp all the protection it needs. The "exemptions" simply went too far and were unnecessary.

In a month or so, they will grant marriage equality.

David |Dah • veed| said...

But the problem is that not all state legislatures are in session all year, as in some larger states. I thought that I read there is indeed a deadline before the NH legislature closes for the year. And then this bill is dead.

IT said...

I think they have 2 weeks.