Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ya gotta give 'em hope

Join the fight.

And the battle continues. If you are in Florida, your voice is needed.

If you are in Utah, your voice is needed.

In Hawai'i, in Arizona, in Arkansas, and all across this union, your voice is needed: on DOMA, on DADT, on adoption. Our families need you.

And in California, regardless of what happens today, or in the court decision, the PropH8 supporters will be trying to vote out our SCoCal justices in upcoming retention elections. We must oppose them. And we must say I Do! to marriage equality on the ballot in 2010, regardless of this decision.

For another YouTube video on what's at stake, what this really means, please go here. "It goes beyond the gay community. It's about whether all Californians are equal. "

My name is Harvey Milk and I'm here to recruit you!

Join the fight.


JCF said...

Just heard from SF's attorney, Daniel Herrara (on The Rachel Maddow Show), and he's cautiously optimistic about how the hearing went today (and the resulting Cal SC decision).

Anonymous said...

He's delusional.


JCF said...

IT, honey, you've really got to lay off the Pessimism Poison.

IT said...

Realism, JCF. With a healthy dose of cynicism.