Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

In an era where Mike Huckabee says that gays haven't met a violence threshold sufficient to be a "real" minority, where a woman is raped apparently for being lesbian, where the gay community in Seattle is threatened by ricin poisoning, and where studies show gay youth rejected by their parents at increased risk for suicide, this true-life movie may be particularly timely about the costs of love and acceptance and denial.

H/T Mike in Texas, who also posted this essay by the real-life mom. Go read!


Brian R said...

I read this book and cried most of the time a long time ago. It is still on my bookshelf. Is it being released as a movie or just on TV?

Anonymous said...

A TV movie, Brian.

David said...

Yeah, old Huckabee always creeped me out more than a little.

Hate and bigotry isn't made any better just because the person delivering it has a smiling, good-natured delivery :P

JCF said...

The video isn't showing up for me, IT (either on IE or Firefox). Could you check the code?

Anonymous said...

It's a funky embed from Access Hollywood that I swiped from Mike in TX's page. Try this link, JCF:
Youtube link

Meanwhile, apparently MIke Huckabee got in an argument with Ann Coulter "Are not! Am too!" about being "pro-sodomy" or not. you know you cannot make this stuff up.