Saturday, November 15, 2008

Whose free speech is it anyway?

From today's LA Times, Frank Schubert, head of the Yes=on=Hate campaign, is quoted as saying,
"They don't have a right to blacklist and boycott our supporters."
Dear Mr Schubert,
You seem so ready to defend your own free speech and so unwilling to concede that we possess it as well. Like most bullies, you whine the loudest if your victim bites back.

We are not yet slaves, Mr Schubert, and we are still citizens--at least, until you and your cronies attempt to rescind our other rights as well.

But until you manage to defile and corrupt the Constitution further, we have free rights, and rights of association, and if we choose to keep our gay dollars out of the coffers of those who would do us harm, we'll do it.

If your supporters are so confident in the rightness of their cause, I'm sure they'll wear it as a badge. Indeed I'm surprised they even want our gay dollars in their businesses, since they are so disgusted at our presence that they would willfully hurt us for no reason.

We can choose whether or not to ride the bus. We will no longer sit in the back,and we may prefer to walk. And today, we'll be marching with the words of Martin Luther King in our hearts.
The Arc of History bends towards JUSTICE.


Mike in Texas said...

What IT said!

Two Auntees said...

Most bullies embrace the concept of free speech but do not understand that any speech comes with consequences.

David said...

The ironic thing is that the religious right uses boycotts of their own (anyone remember their "don't go to Disney World" kerfluffle ?)


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes, after lifetimes of persecuting and demeaning LGBT people the hypocrits want justice for themselves...what they want is to insist and demand that we become what they think we ought be...never once has it occured to them that they are feardriven hatemongers who harm fellow human beings (including those around them, family and friends, in their everyday lives).

NO more to this quiet fascilitating of their soul sickening arrogance...they can no longer dress up their fear and hate with a ongoing hate campaign, religious or not, against LGBT Christians/others.

Damaged to the core these folks need a great deal of self-searching, self-understanding, spiritual counseling, admitting of wrongs done against humanity and then, and only then, long-term healing and hopefully a desire to go forward and HARM OTHERS no more!

We can´t forgive them until they become willing to stop the spiritual and emotional violence generated against themselves and others.

Counterlight said...

That's tellin' 'em!

To add to Mr. Schubert's woes,
The No on H8 rally here in New York was jam packed despite pouring rain earlier in the day. The cops had to close off 2 lanes of Broadway to accommodate a crowd that stretched from City Hall Park up Broadway to outta sight. What is more, the sun came out just as the rally started.

JCF said...

Whaddaya bet the H8ers next want to change the law, to protect their hate-donations from being made public? ;-/

[Or you can better believe, they'll start hiding it behind "Citizens for Freedom"-type fronts, like the tobacco companies do]

Counterlight said...

Though I am skeptical about the effectiveness of boycotts, I would definitely think twice about spending my money on any business that made donations to support this proposition.

David said...

Or you can better believe, they'll start hiding it behind "Citizens for Freedom"-type fronts

Why not ? They've already perverted the term "family" for a lot of their organizations promoting bigotry, intolerance, and hatred... :P

Anonymous said...

Reporting on today's march in San Diego, NBC news quoted a motorist as follows:

"These people don't get equal rights," said Nick Cossack who booed the protesters and turned his thumb down. "Bringing their kids out here -- it's terrible."

So don't tell me *I'm* a bigot, Yes on 8 supporters. Apparently, your side isn't even pretending I have "equal rights".

IT said...

Sorry, the previous Anon was me, IT.

David |Dah • veed| said...

So, it is not OK for No ON 8, but it was OK for Yes On 8?!? Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Marriage Protection threat letter

IT said...

Actually, the scary stuff is that the proponent of 8 are trying to shut down dissent by accusing the Governor of promoting anarchy.

No dissent? No challenge allowed? That's not democracy, that's fascism.