Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Gay, straight, black, white, Catholic, Mormon, family, friend....come together to protest Prop 8 and affirm your support for gay rights on 15 November 2008.

Rally locations throughout the US here

JOIN THE IMPACT: Jointheimpact.com or Jointheimpact.wetpaint.com


JCF said...


Absent Friends: I was reading my local gay rag, and saw a familiar face . . . which led to a familiar name---two of them, in fact.

First, here's the story:

From Obama to California to Hathaway: Michigan LGBTs react

...Some, like Mount Pleasant Couple Harry Kelley and [Padre!] Wayne Nicholson, feeling the impact on both race and LGBT equality, drove all the way to Ferndale to witness history in the making.

"I wanted to be in Detroit," said Kelley. "It has a history of racial issues and relations. A place where we might experience a sense of the healing of that great divide."

"We're very excited," agreed Nicholson. "... . What I am most touched by with just the possibility of his presidency is the beginning of the real end of racism."

Read all about it, here.

...but because the WEB edition neglected the lovely pic from the print edition, Yours Truly has (scanned and) uploaded it! (Note, though: the caption has 'em BACKWARDS. That's Wayne, um, on top and Harry, {double um! *g*} on bottom)

I miss Harry and Padre Wayne. :-/

IT said...

Thanks, JCF, nice to hear about old friends.


David G. said...

Rally for California....

What about Florida, Arkansas, Virginia, Utah, ..etc. 48 States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands....

What about dem apples?!?

Anonymous said...

David g, if you go to the website hereyou will find there are rallies in every state.

This is bigger than Prop8. THis is for all of us.

Florida is here.


David G. said...

Thanks IT,
Too bad there is no closer location, but I guess that is how things are when you live in a semi-rural location.