Thursday, October 30, 2008

What about my marriage? It may be nullified.

Okay, I'm sorry that for me that it's all Prop8, all the time, but this has an enormous impact on my life.

From today's LA Times, they are talking about my recent marriage:
Proposition 8 would amend the state Constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, but the measure does not address what would happen to the estimated 16,000 same-sex couples who have tied the knot since gay marriage became legal in California on June 17.

If voters next week approve the initiative to ban gay nuptials, legal analysts on both sides of the measure predict that a period of "legal chaos" will ensue, with the legality of same-sex marriages performed between June and November suddenly in doubt...

Because a challenge to existing marriages would raise novel questions, no one is certain how the courts would rule. Two family law scholars interviewed by The Times predicted that the marriages would remain intact, while five constitutional scholars were divided over which side the law favors.

Saturday, November 1, 2008, while those in favor of amending the state constitution to eliminate same-sex marriage are gathering at [San Diego's] Qualcomm Stadium to pray for the passage of Proposition 8, marriage equality proponents will be holding a vigil of their own. Beginning at 8:45 pm on Saturday, November 1st signs and candles will be distributed at the San Diego LGBT Center (3909 Center Street). At 9pm, No on 8 supporters will line up on University Avenue through Hillcrest.

What can you do? Well, if you are near San Diego, go participate in the vigil to counter the publicity given to the Christianist bigots at the stadium. Call, email, write your friends. Join the phone banks. And donate so that the opposition can't hog the airwaves this weekend with their out-of-state riches.


James said...

IT, regardless of the vote on Tuesday, you and BP are married.

The horse cannot be put back in the barn after the barn has burned down.

Everyone loves the photo of you two and the roses which sits on my living room table. It's started many good conversations.

Also, I finally put a NO sign in my front garden. I should have done it months ago.

dr.primrose said...

As I mentioned before, the California Secretary of State's website updates daily the identity of donors and the amount of the the donations to the organizations supporting and opposing Prop. 8, where the donations are at least $1000.

Yesterday, the vast majority of donations in support of Prop. 8 came from outside California, largely from Texas, with a number of donations from Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico. Most donations in opposition to Prop. 8 are from California. Yesterday's geographical origins of the donations for and against Prop. 8 has been the norm for quite awhile.

I've become very resentful, frankly, of people from these states trying to cram their views down the throats of the people who live here in California.

If we tried to cram our views down their throats they'd be screaming bloody murder.

There's something profoundly un-Chrisian about treating the Golden Rule as a one-way street.

JCF said...

There are No on 8 rallies being held by people of faith all around California.

[Dang. I only heard about it as an email: no link. Ergo, here it is, at length]

A Call to

People of Faith to

Stand Together for

Equality and Justice

Solidarity and justice are core values of every major faith tradition in the world. Every faith calls its followers to treat others as you want to be treated. This weekend people of faith throughout California are coming together to express these values as we stand together with our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters as their very lives are voted on November 4. Come join Jews and Christians, Muslims and Mormons, Buddhists and Unitarians as we speak, as we pray, as we act, as we sing for our lives!

Come, people of faith,

stand with us against Prop 8!

Come, people of faith,

with your family and friends and let us rise to the occasion!

Come, people of faith,

let us make our voices heard on this essential issue of justice!

This is our moment, this is our time

to stand up and be counted when it counts!

Schedule of Faith Events

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Los Angeles

12.00 PM

St. John's Cathedral

Faith for Equality:

A Multi-Faith No on Prop 8 Celebration,

with Fr. Geoff Farrow, George Takei,

Rosa Manriquez, Rabbi Allen Freehling,

Rev. Mike Schuenemeyer

Address: 514 W Adams Los Angeles

For more information:

Rev. Debra Peevey


phone: 623-670-6598

San Francisco

11.00 AM

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church

Standing on the Side of Love

Celebration & Rally

Address: 330 Ellis St., San Francisco, CA

For more information:

Betty Jeanne Rueters Ward

Long Beach

2.00 PM, Interfaith Service

3.00-5.00 PM, Activities

First Congregational Church-Long Beach

Interfaith Service/Visibility Effort

with Rev. Jerry Stinson and Rev. Gary Commins

Address: 241 Cedar Ave Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

For more information:

Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kwong


phone: 310-592-5533

Inland Empire

10.00 AM

Redlands UCC

No on 8 Forum

Address: 168 Bellevue Ave., Redlands, CA

For more information:


San Diego

10.00 AM

St. Paul's Cathedral

Interfaith Service & Press Conference

Address: 2728 6th Ave San Diego

For more information:

Jan Garbosky

phone: 619-987-3346


4.15 PM

College Avenue UCC

Service of Hope

with Rev. Michael Schiefelbein,

Rev. Grace Simons, Rev. Russ Matteson,

and Rev. Erin Matteson

Address: 1341 College Avenue, Modesto, CA

For more information:

Stephanie Stoltei

San Jose

First Unitarian Church of San Jose

Day of the Dead Alter with No on 8 Theme

Address: 160 N Third St., San Jose, CA

For more information:

Details to be announced.


12.00 PM

Central United Methodist Church

Sing Out the Vote & Take to the Streets –

an Interfaith No on 8 Celebration, with

Address: 5265 H St., Sacramento, CA

For more information:

Mary Helen Doherty


phone: 916-708-3390

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Central Valley

2.00-4.00 PM

Fresno City Hall Plaza

Faith Communities and Others Speak Out in Opposition to Prop 8

with, Fr. Geoff Farrow, Rev. Bryan Jessup

Address: 2600 Fresno St Fresno

For more information:

Anne W. Jenny


phone: 559-862-4559


1.00-5.00 PM

Public Rally

Address: Sonoma, CA

For more information:

Details to be announced.

Santa Rosa

7.00 PM

Center for Spiritual Living

"Live Equally, Love Equally" - Interfaith Service in Support of Marriage Equality


2075 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa, CA

For more information:

Deborah Mason

phone: 805-850-5818

Orange County

4.00-8.00 PM

Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church

Interfaith Service followed by Phone Banking

with Rev. Dr. Karen Stoyanoff

Address: 1259 Victoria St. Costa Mesa, CA

For more information:

Rev. Dr. Karen Stoyanoff


phone: 714-906-9830

San Francisco

11.00 AM

First Unitarian Universalist Church

Goin' to the Chapel: A Wedding and a Vigil in Defense of Marriage for All

with Rev. Greg Stewart, includes screening of film "Inlaws & Outlaws"

Address: 1187 Franklin St at Geary

For more information:

Rev. Greg Stewart


Phone: (415) 776-4580


1.00-5.00 PM

County Park

Tuolomne County NO on 8


12.00-3.00 PM

Caldwell Park

Grande Finale Rally & March

with Molly McKay and John Boisa

Monday, November 3, 2008


5.00 PM

Neighborhood Church

Public Rally & screening of "The Preachers Sons"

Address: 301 N Orange Grove, Pasadena, CA

For more information:

Terri Hopper

San Francisco

First Unitarian Universalist Church

Overnight Vigil

7.30 PM, Monday, November 3 - 8.00 PM, Tuesday, November 4

Goin' to the Chapel: A Wedding and a Vigil in Defense of Marriage for All

with Rev. Greg Stewart, includes screening of film "Inlaws & Outlaws"

Address: 1187 Franklin St at Geary

For more information:

Rev. Greg Stewart


Phone: (415) 776-4580

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Walnut Creek

6:30 - 7:30 pm

Mt. Diablo UU Church

Post-Election Meditation Service

with Revs. Leslie and David Takahashi-Morris

Address: 55 Eckley Lane

For more information:

Revs. Leslie and David Takahashi Morris


Phone: 925-934-3135


Now, Californians, get together and make some prayer!

dr.primrose said...

As Susan Russell notes, It's getting ugly out there ...

The right-wing fundamentalists view the Prop. 8 election as perhaps the most important battle in the culture war. Anyone who thinks that the Prop. 8 election is just about gay marriage or just about gay people is, frankly, a naive idiot. If they win this one, they're not not stopping just here ....