Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prop 8 proponents invoke HItler

At a recent Prop 8 rally an official campaign spokesman (self-identifying as a Christian) actually compared the right of same-sex couples to marry to the rise of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. Video here.

Also, Susan Russell reports that the big "No on 8" banner outside of St John's in downtown LA was slashed to ribbons overnight.

I've just spent 20 minutes washing the glitter glue off of the back of my car. Someone squirted glitter glue on it while I was parked. Can't be because I have a no-on-8 sticker on the car, can it? Surely not....


dr.primrose said...

Here's the update on the guy who attacked another guy wearing a "No on 8" button by beating him with a "Yes on 8" sign -- Torrance man pleads not guilty in 'Yes on Prop. 8' sign attack. The story says in part:


A man who allegedly used a "Yes on Prop. 8" sign to attack a homosexual man wearing a "No on Prop. 8" button in Torrance pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges against him.

Joseph Storm, 23, was arraigned in Torrance Superior Court on a felony hate crime assault charge and a misdemeanor count of interfering with another's civil rights.

Storm made his first court appearance wearing a football jersey, a long and pointed goatee and colorful tattoos from his shaved head to his feet.


Storm was arrested Monday night on one of those warrants.

He is accused of attacking a 22-year-old acquaintance in the 2000 block of 230 th Street around 2 a.m. Sunday.

The unidentified victim told police that Storm used the "Yes on Prop. 8" lawn sign to hit him, then punched and choked him. During the attack, Storm called him a homosexual slur, prosecutors said.

The victim was treated at a hospital for a gash on his head, according to prosecutors.

Storm, however, told officers he was upset with the alleged victim because he threw the campaign sign in the street after holding up his middle finger at it.

Storm said the argument was about the victim littering, not Tuesday's ballot initiative that would prohibit same-sex marriage.


If you believe the attacker's excuse, I've got a bridge or two I'd like to sell you.

Anonymous said...

THis is hatred.

Not ignorance.

Not stupidity.

Pure, evil hatred.


Bill Carroll said...

Are you sure that isn't "evoke"?

Not all the proponents, mind you, but certainly the ones mentioned in the article.

dr.primrose said...

A new news release from the No on 8 folks -- NO on Prop 8 Campaign Releases Statement by 300 California Pediatricians. It says in part:

"The NO on Prop 8 campaign today released a statement signed by more than 300 leading California pediatricians announcing their joint opposition to Prop 8 and concluding that the physician who signed the Prop 8 ballot statement, Jane Anderson, MD, in no way represents the majority of pediatricians on this issue. The pediatrician statement took issue with Dr. Anderson, who identifies herself as a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians. According to that organization’s Web site, the American College of Pediatricians believes homosexuality is 'preventable and changeable' and that 'spanking can be an effective component of discipline.'"

dr.primrose said...

Sorry for hogging this thread. The Los Angeles Times has just posted a story about the confusion of what the vote on Prop. 8 means -- In the fight over Prop. 8, confusion reigns: Some voters are uncertain whether yes means no or no means yes on the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.

The story concludes with an update on the campaign, pro and con:


As the race over the most hotly contested social issue in the nation heads into the final stretch, both sides also ramped up their campaigns in recent days, with bus tours, rallies and volunteer efforts to get out the vote, along with fundraising pleas, e-mail blasts and an explosion of advertising. And, of course, accusations of malfeasance on both sides.

The no side this week began airing an ad from Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, one of the state's most popular politicians, in which she says it "would be a terrible mistake for California. . . . No matter how you feel about marriage, vote against discrimination."

Then, on Thursday, a group of Silicon Valley heavyweights, including founders and executives at Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Adobe and other companies, announced they were taking out a full-page ad in the San Jose Mercury News urging people to vote no.

The campaign also continued to release a flurry of e-mail blasts, including an announcement that a group of pediatricians was voting no and that women politicians were holding a candlelight vigil in East Los Angeles to oppose the measure.

Officials on the yes side, meanwhile, said they expected more than 50,000 volunteers to work to get out the vote from now until election day.

Supporters of the measure have also been gathering on street corners with signs urging people to vote yes.


It's the first I've heard about the ad sponsored by the Silicon Valley heavyweights. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

The major professional group is American Academy of Pediatrics - with some tens to hundred thousand members.

American College of Pediatrics is a rump group of about 300 pediatricians that walked out of the AAP several years ago when the AAP supported adoption and foster parenting by gay people. The walkaways are outnumbered 100 to 1,000-fold by the AAP members.


JCF said...

I'm really sorry, IT. :-(

[And what was covered on the national (CBS) news tonight? Vandalism of a Pro-8 family's property! (With no countervailing example, such as the above) >:-/]

James said...

Which makes one ask, "so where is this LIBERAL press?"

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Makes me think this has a chance of being around for a while... If Proposition 8 goes through, that is.

Than you will have a clear and obvoius reason to continue fighthing!

On the other hand, if it fails, you will be much better off, since the skys clearly will not be coming down on you ;=)