Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of state, out of mind?

$20million from the Mormon church, trying to force their religion on me. What's next, no coffee? More info here.

Update: Californians, straight and gay: Volunteer at your local field office and take the word to the street. Or you can sign up here (be sure to mention this blog).

Please feel free to use my story to make the point. My beloved broke into tears last night at the thought this precious thing could be taken away from us.


David said...

Why ? Because the "conservative" part of "conservative Christian" is garbage.

No real conservative would stand for such an invasion by a church into the private lives of our citizens.

dr.primrose said...

The Yes on 8 folks registered three donations of $100,000 yesterday with the California Secretary of State. One was from the Templeton people, who are in Pennsylvania, and the other two were from Utah. More California donations yesterday (compared to the day before) but most appear to be from Texas, Utah, and Idaho.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers from far away!

Ann Marie said...


My heart and prayers go out to you and your Beloved and all those whose marriages are threatened by this blindness and shallow understanding of what marriage truely is. I will light a candle for the two of you specifically and say prayers for all.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

dr.primrose said...

The new Field Poll on Prop. 8 has been released, according to the Los Angeles Times -- Prop. 8 still trailing, but gap is narrowing, poll says: A Field Poll of likely voters finds the measure, which would ban gay marriage, trailing by five percentage points -- 49-44, with 7% undecided. In September, the margin was 14 points.

The story also says:

"The Field Poll of 966 likely voters, conducted between Oct. 18 and 28, shows 49% opposed to the measure, 44% in favor and 7% undecided. The race is narrowing. A September Field poll showed the measure trailing by 14 points, 52% to 38%.

"The new poll also found that 'significant proportions' of voters on both sides are conflicted about the issue.

"Women are more likely to oppose Proposition 8 than men, the poll reports; 51% of women and 47% of men surveyed oppose the measure. It also found that respondents who said they personally knew a gay person were more likely to be opposed than respondents who said they did not."

JCF said...

{{{IT's BP}}}

Please feel free to use my story to make the point.

Well I have . . . and I just heard back from my brother about it.


(Have to write him back)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Why Mormons?

The New Prophet-Prez wants to test his infalibility powers (afterall he´s got the REAL connection with God and is gonna PROVE IT)...besides, pasturizing/reprancing the Mormon Church into some kinda acceptable non-cultist-religion, like the Catholic Church, is quite a challenge...worth every penny if they pull this arrogantly imagined spiritual upgrading caper off.

Really IT, your marriage does impact them! It´s about time that it did so they can quit painting themselves into ridiculous heterosexual breeding corners (think Bringham Young).

James said...

Leonardo, my brother, I disagree with the reason you list as the LDS push to get the YES win.

If the LDS lose on this, they are going to go though hell. In the 60s and 70s, the church took hell from the world for their refusal to grant equal status to the black members.

If prop 8 is defeated, they are going to have an even worse time of it because they cannot come up with a reason to explain the "no gays" in positions of powers doctrine. It's going to be pure hell for them.

Also, it will mean they have to revisit their polygamy doctrine that is still an official teaching of the church. If one may have 5,000 wives, why can a man not have a same gender spouse? Remember that women have no place in the power structure, so it doesn't really matter if two "chicks" want to get married.

All of this is about the male power structure.

On a related note, the local news just said the polls are showing

No = 49 percent and
Yes = 45 percent.

There is hope that "justice shall flow down like the rain."

My concern is that all along the "not made up my mind" crowd just don't want to say, "Voting yes."

Bill Carroll said...

It reminds me of the following exchange from Angels in America:

Harper: I'm a Mormon.
Prior: I'm a homosexual.
Harper: Oh. In my church we don't believe in homosexuals.
Prior: In my church we don't believe in Mormons.

JCF said...

Go look at these lovely pics of Pagan Sphinx's daughter and her new wife, if you need any MORE inspiration, on how we HAVE TO DEFEAT Prop Hate!

Fred Schwartz said...

If the LDS lose this election how are they going to explain $20-40 million dollars?

James said...

Fred, they don't have to. The leadership does not explain anything.

As for financial matters, there is never a treasurer's report released. No member of the LDS church can ask for or receive a copy of the financial statement.

Instead, twice each year the Presiding Bishopric tells the members that the finances are in good shape and the Brethren are taking good care of the tithes and offerings.

FranIAm said...

I love what Bill Carroll said.

And in my experience, there is no shortage of gay Mormons!

Not that - ahem - there is anything wrong with that.

In any case, IT you know how I feel about this issue at large... and specifically about you and BP.

Cany said...

This is a political decision to impose religious doctrine (or so they believe) on others. Once again, it is just theocracy.

This is no different than the hard religious right attempting to intervene, albeit quite unsuccessfully to date, in the choice issue. And we know how well that is going for their poster child, Palin, who can see morality from her window therefore knows exactly what it means for all.

There is NO way the LDS membership in CA could fund this. So... they brought in their various moralistic thugs from elsewhere... and their wallets.