Saturday, October 25, 2008

On reconciliation

Executive Council, meeting in Helena, MT finished the meeting with this resolution.
Express a desire to seek reconciliation through conversation with the members of the Common Cause Partnership, request presiding officers appoint a task force to accomplish this, and encourage it to seek a person acceptable to all to facilitate such conversations in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council (NAC042).

According to the news story:
The Common Cause Partnership is the organization headed by deposed Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan that aims to organize an Anglican province in North America that would be recognized by at least some Anglican leaders.

Council members asked that Jefferts Schori and Anderson appoint a reconciliation task force that would seek "a person acceptable to all parties" to facilitate such conversations in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council.

I hope this does not mean throwing gays and lesbians back under the bus once again.

Christopher Epting comments here.

Dan Martins writes about it here.

What think ye?


Mike in Texas said...

Sounds like another contribution to global warming.

Ann said...

I am so cynical about these things -- maybe I need to connect with my inner child.

David said...

If taken seriously, I think it means throwing our LGBT brothers and sisters under the bus. Especially in dioceses like Pgh., FtW, Dallas, etc...

Sorry to be so blunt, but there you go.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Sounds like yet another ¨cellphone in the hallway¨ scheme plotted by the Archbishop of Canterbury...and so soon after Moderator Duncans personal visit? Please, can´t we just get on with being Episcopalians and quit getting caught up in these costly, and damaging, distractions? Did the Common Cause Partnership formally request this road to reconcilliations through listening? When they do, that would be a very good´s called willingness...until then, this is simply more false goodytwoshoes wishful thinking offering roomservice to spoiled and dangerous brats.

JCF said...

Calm down, chilluns.

If they (PB/ExecCoun/HofB/GC) didn't throw us under the bus to KEEP the schismatics in [Ignoring, for the moment B-033: I'm talking more recently], they won't throw us under the bus to get them back.

JCF said...

Look north, for happy contrast, w/ THIS wonderful statement: Bishop of Ottawa Proposes Blessing Of Same-Gender Civil Mariages

The more MARRIAGE spreads abroad in the Church (AC, writ large), the more impossible it will be to put the (proverbial) genie back in the bottle. God is Good! :-D

Grandmère Mimi said...

I like what Mike said.

Ann, I'm afraid that I'm every bit as cynical as you. If they want to go, let them go. If TEC is smaller, then TEC will be smaller. And why would Canterbury be involved in this at all? If the ABC wants to invite Robert Duncan to the next Lambeth, he can do that, but this decision is for TEC and does not involve him.

Anonymous said...

Why do "we" continually seek reconciliation with folks who for so long now clearly are not at all interested in reconciliation? Clinically, this resolution is called "codependency". (Unless the resolution is an attempt to clarify who has abandoned what, which it very well may be.)

Ann said...

sounds about right Scott, I think those who keep trying for a relationship are more like battered spouses who keep thinking that's what Jesus wants.