Saturday, October 25, 2008

News on Proposition 8

FOX has some new videos on Proposition 8:
Proposition 8 has drawn more interest, emotion, and money than any other state proposition during this election cycle in California.

We begin this special presentation on Proposition 8 with a closer look at the proposed ban on same sex marriage, and an introduction to some folks who are giving their all to see that the vote goes their way.

Watch here.

The pro-Prop 8 people are showing their true selves.

Also more on Fr. Geoff here.


Марко Фризия said...

Are there any polls showing where Prop 8 stands among California voters? I am still hoping for defeat.

Ann said...

According to the video - No is 8 points ahead now.

Cany said...

Ann, Dear God, let us hope.

We all need, still to work, though.

Anonymous said...

From the No on 8 campaign:

We need you to be 1 of 10,000. Get the word out that Prop 8 is wrong, it’s unfair, and it must be defeated.

We need you to be part of the largest grassroots visibility effort this state has ever seen.

From Thursday, October 30 through Tuesday, November 4, we need 10,000 volunteers on the ground—5,000 on Election Day alone.

Sign up in the ZIP code in which you want to volunteer. We will follow up with you with time and location information.

Picture it: 10,000 people from Eureka to San Diego--standing together, waving signs and talking to voters. This is our moment to show California and the nation that we will not tolerate unfairness and inequality.

I know I can count on you on Election Day. Take the day off—or as much of the day as possible.

And we need you every day starting Thursday, October 30, in high visibility locations across the state to make our presence known.

Join a team or adopt a location and recruit your family and friends to join you.

This is our legacy, and it has never been more urgent. It is exhausting yet exhilarating. If all of us give more and do more, I know we will be part of a successful effort.

Now is the time to assert what we know to be true: that Prop 8 is unfair, unjust, and unnecessary. And it must be defeated. Join us, as we change lives, as we change the world!

If you are out of state, you can work the phones...


Anonymous said...

The matter has been settled. Jesus has spoken!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Florida's Amendment 2 as well - defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and rendering all other forms of union as legally null and void.

Click here for more information.

Ann said...

Thanks Tracie the Red -also Arizona.

Cany said...

Yes... I think AZ's initiative (prop?) is 102.

Have a lot to vote for and against this time.

James said...

According to the news this morning, the No campaign has pulled ahead on fundraiser. The total for both sides is not 60+ million. 13 million was raised in the last week by the No side from contributions from all over the U.S.

As important as this No vote is, 60 million dollars would feed a lot of hungry people. What a sin it is that so much money has been spent on this. And all because the right wing fundamentalists want to write their religion in to the California constitution. God is very unhappy.

Anonymous said...

THe Pro-prop8 people are also telling gay supporters that a "yes" vote SUPPORTS gay marriage, where it is really the opposite.

I have to say they are really morally bankrupt if they have to resort to threats and lies rather than bring it up on th emerits.


James said...

That, my sister, is a bloody huge understatement.