Thursday, September 11, 2008


St Paul's Chapel, Ground Zero.
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David said...

I'm sure that most readers will know that St. Paul's Chapel is an Episcopal Church, an active part of Trinity Church, Wall St., and Manhattan's oldest public building in continuous use (constructed in 1766).

Anonymous said...

And located right across the street from the WTC. Remarkably shielded from the blast by the sycamore tree in the churchyard, St Paul's opened the doors and became a center for rescue and recovery workers. Today, the interior of the chapel contains a remembrance of Sept 11 and the rescue efforts.

I found it intensely moving to consider the very human scale of this little church compared to the immensity of the the buildings around it and the gaping hole where the towers stood, across the street. Yet it is this old building and the community it held that endured and helped the recovery.

Definitely worth a visit and contemplation.


Counterlight said...

I'm amazed that building got through the day with little more damage than a few broken windows. The steeple is largely made of wood covered in lead; 2 centuries old wood at that. Never underestimate the strength of oaken timbers.

The chapel really is right across the street from the WTC. Trinity Church is not far away either. Supposedly ( according to local lore), the radio mast of the north tower plunged into the street like a spear just yards away from Trinity.