Sunday, August 3, 2008

MadPriest's great adventure

Madpriest, who writes the blog "Of Course I could be wrong" is well known to some of us. His humor is admittedly an acquired taste especially to Overly Serious Yanks. He is a master of relentless irony, which is a particular art form in Northern England. ;-) Still, you have to go over there and read about his great adventure driving 200 miles to hear Gene Robinson preach, which captures the hope of change...
Bishop Gene did a brilliant exegesis of the texts for the day based around the central premise that too many Christians mistakenly believe that they are on the Selection Committee when we should all be on the Welcoming Committee.

Then Bishop Gene presided at the Eucharist..

And it was exactly the same as any other Eucharist you might go to in an Anglican Church on a Sunday morning.

Then we sang a hymn, we were blessed by Gene and we gave him a standing ovation that lasted longer than Jessye Norman would have expected in her heyday.
When I got home this evening I noticed that the Grand Tufti is demanding that there should be a moratorium on including gay people in the Anglican Church. Well, all I can say to him after today's experience is...


... the new thing has begun.

Go read it, and give Maddie some props.


Ann said...

MP got that right.

JCF said...

Is it only a Northern thang? I thought all Brits did that "relentless irony" style (which is why I, Lil Sincere Moi, so often feel out of my depths over there!)

I rejoice w/ the Mad One, that he got to meet +Gene . . . and +Gene, that he got to meet Maddie! (Now, if MP can just expand his circle across the Atlantic, 'merka may never recover. ;-p)

IT said...

They all do it, JC, but the Northerners have a distinct style. I don't know what Maddie sounds like but something about a North England accent makes it particularly delectable.


JCF said...

Where is (the actor) Christopher Eccleston from?

In the first season (aka "series" in Brit-speak) of the "new" Doctor Who, when Eccleston was playing The Doctor, his companion's (London) mum commented that "he can't be from another planet, he sounds like a Northerner!"

To which The Doctor replied "A lot of planets have a 'Noowwrrth'!" *LOL*

[For the last 3 seasons, though, The Doctor's been played by the (even further North) Scot, David Tennant: but Tennant plays him Posh... ;-/]

Anonymous said...

I think Ecclestone is from Manchester which to me - in County Durham - is the South!