Friday, August 1, 2008

A Flock Abandoned (?)

In the British newspaper The Guardian, the Rev. Susan Russell writes:
As the Lambeth conference proceeds in Canterbury, gay and lesbian Anglicans find themselves, once again, on the communion chopping block. It is a sad thing indeed that the message sent out from the Anglican communion to the world is that homosexuals getting married in California are of more concern to the church than are homosexuals being mugged in Nigeria. It is an even sadder thing that bishops who have taken vows to be shepherds to their whole flock seem willing to consider sacrificing their gay and lesbian followers at the altar of institutional unity.

Read the rest in A Flock Abandoned.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

at least we know how to DEAL WITH IT...truthfully, in a world where we have most always been isolated or abandoned (kicked out/excluded), it's not exactly a worry to know what to do...we just keep on going, keep on loving God and Trusting that whatever "lessons" the excluders must look "inside" of themselves, to realize then repent, and the discrimination and persecution they GENERATE will die away (before they kill us through instigating crimes of HATE).

We "will" overcome fear and hate even if the ABC helps perpetuate it...again, one more decade, one more day-at-a-time.

janinsanfran said...

One gets sick of all these bishops talking about us instead of with us.

johnieb said...

I am of that flock.

Counterlight said...

I'm feeling rather forsaken these days myself.